What we believe in

It’s our purpose to create colourful homeware that you will treasure, whilst minimising our impact on the world around us.

As each piece is handmade in-house, the full design and making process has been tailored to reduce the impact on our planet.

Although we can’t claim to be 100% sustainable (very few businesses can!), we believe that through buying handmade you will cherish each product for years to come and say goodbye to fast fashion trends, safe in the knowledge that you are supporting British design.


Each piece is designed, cast and hand-finished by Kelly in Nottingham, England.

bring JOY

Each item is created to spread joy to any home interior through a pop of colour.


Sustainability of each item is considered throughout the making process to minimise the impact on our beautiful world.

Meet Our Founder

Hi, I’m Kelly!


Looking to weave a little creativity back into my life, I re-found my love of crafting during Lockdown 2020 and quickly discovered the joys of making colourful homeware! I have been busy creating handmade terrazzo homeware in my home studio in Nottingham, England ever since.

I’m inspired by simple playful shapes and modern colour palettes and have developed a homeware range which will inject colour into any interior whilst staying true to traditional terrazzo patterns and techniques.


Everything is made by me in my home studio in Nottingham; the design process, mould making and finally casting and hand finishing each piece. This is a slow process but something that makes every piece 100% unique and means I can quality check each piece before it whisks it’s way to it’s new home.

I’ve also given a lot of thought to slowing down life in general and appreciating things a little more. I expect we could all be more mindful in what we do, and the brand name serves as a reminder to slow down and appreciate this journey along the way.


It is important that through creating beautiful homeware, I keep my impact on the planet to a minimum. Each item is made from 70% natural materials with all goods used during the making process purchased from UK suppliers.

Studio waste created as part of the casting process is recycled back into products creating a circular economy of product making. Imperfect casts are given a new lease of life and turned into new designs rather than being thrown away.

Once a handcrafted product has passed the beady eye of our quality checker (that’s me!), it will make it’s way to you in 100% recyclable packaging.

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